Why choose Results® HTM..


Customers buy Results® vinyl film products, because we keep fabric decoration simple, affordable and fun.

In 1997 we began working with the first successful inventor of heat transfer films for all types of fabric decoration.  Forward 23 years we continue our innovation with a dedicated manufacturing partnership. We know this business as well, if not better than anyone else. From the films to the software and machines that cut and print on our products.


Results® offers the most comprehensive line of heat transfer vinyl for every day fabric decoration.  If you are just beginning or a seasoned professional. You can pursue every opportunity and achieve results beyond the goal post. 


Results® films include high grade safe polyurethane, patented adhesives, special top-coats for digital printing, and best of all. The applications for cutting, weeding, and heat pressing are pretty much all the same. Keeping it simple.


Product quality and safety are our highest priority. Comfort, stretch and rebound, appearance, the illumination value of our Safety Reflective that protects our children, emergency workers and Military. Even after countless wash and wear cycles. You can count on Results®.


Ready to purchase. We invite to you look through our new 2020 catalog and see the innovative products we offer that nobody else does.

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