BEST low-cost simple decorating solution. A very special HTV. For light and dark colored fabrics. Exclusive 130 Micron durable film. Perfect for school sports, hoodies, exhibition tablecloths and more.  Easy to cut, weed, and apply at 300°F in just 8 seconds. Flexible, matte finish and a special topcoat for color foil enhancement.  Will also help block out fabric dye-migration.


Film Characteristics

  • 130 micro hybrid PVC vinyl.
  • Non-Pressure sensitive frosty carrier
  • Small to large images.
  • Remove unwanted film incredibly fast
  • Soft hand matte finish
  • Flexible and durable
  • Roll width 20”
  • Low temperature application starting at 285°F, 8-10 seconds
  • All weather, multi-purpose for most any occasion.
  • Keep stored in normal room temperature

Results® ENVICTA Cut

    1. Cut Job with 45° blade in reverse.
    2. Easily weed the excess film media away from image.
    3. Pre-heat garment 2 to 3 seconds.
    4. Position film where desired.
    5. Heat Press at 305°F, 8-10 seconds, Med. Pressure 60 PSI.
    6. Warm/Cold Peel. *Note – Dye-Polyesters 265°F, 10-14 seconds (test for migration)
    7. Foils: Crunch foil, lay shiny side up, cover with parchment paper, and press 20 seconds, peel cold. Note: see gap in design, take another foil, lay flat, same time and temp. Peel cold.