Product Description:

Ultimate HTV color vinyl for performance and comfort. Amazing flexibility on all fabrics. Delivers a soft hand matte finish. Feels like part of the fabric. All-Weather champion with exclusive 60 micron durability.



  • Simple to weed and apply.
  • Patented all fabric adhesive.
  • Smallest to large characters.
  • Heat apply from 240°F.
  • Laser cut and vinyl cutter.
  • Hot or Cold Peel.


Material Specifications:

  • High grade Polyurethane
  • Clear sticky back carrier.
  • 60 microns thick.
  • Certifies 100 wash and dry cycles.

Results® FLEX-ALL

  • 1. Cut in mirror (reverse) with 45°-degree carbide blade.

    2. Weed away unwanted film around image.

    3. Heat apply 275°F at medium pressure for 10-12 seconds.

    4. Peel Colors COLD (Black & White can Hot Peel)

    5. Wash in normal conditions, dry cleaning suitable.

    6. For Sensitive Fabrics. Heat apply as low as 240°F for 15 seconds. Peel warm.