Illuminate with Glitter. Embedded with polyester flakes for maximum effect. Comfortable to wear and fun to work with. Especially with small to large images. Cheerleading, dance, urban wear, party scene.



  • Simple remove unwanted material after cutting.
  • Works with small to large image
  • Superior abrasive, waterproof, stain resistant.
  • Perfect for aggressive play and action sportswear
  • Can be multilayered with other films
  • Roll width size 20”


Material Specifications:

  • 100% high grade Polyurethane (PU) composite
  • Clear carrier backing for quick weeding and accurate alignment
  • Thickness: 320 microns.
  • Low temperature application starting at 285°F, 8-10 seconds
  • All weather, multi-purpose for most any occasion.
  • Keep stored in normal room temperature

Results® GLITTER Cut

    1. Cut with 45° carbide blade. Cut job in mirror image.
    2. Then weed outward the excess film surrounding the image.
    3. Pre-heat fabric for 2 seconds.
    4. Then place down on fabric.
    5. Heat Press temperature 300°F. Time 8-10 seconds, pressure is Medium.
    6. Use Cover Sheet: 8-10 seconds, peel hot to warm.