Product Description:

The GAME CHANGER against fabric dye-migration and bleeding. Especially for moisture wicking polyesters, and nylons. Proven to halt dye-migration, cover up dye-sublimated fabrics.



  • Special gray charcoal blocking barrier.
  • All fabrics, including nylons.
  • 95micron thickness is flexible, durable and contours into fabrics.
  • Low heat application starting at 240°F in just 8 seconds.
  • Matte finish and keeps a soft hand.
  • Vinyl cutter and laser suitable.  


Material Specifications:

  • Non pressure sensitive carrier.
  • Clear carrier for accurate placement.
  • 100% high grade Polyurethane.
  • Dependable stretch and rebound.
  • Multilayer over all other htv products.
  • 100+ wash and dry cycles.

Results® HTV BLOCK

    1. Design in Reverse, then cut film using 80-100 gm of downforce.
    2. Weed the excess film surrounding your graphic design.
    3. Preheat garment 2 seconds (Nylon & silicone coated fabrics 20 seconds.)
    4. Pressure is Medium.
    5. Heat Press Time: 8-10 Seconds (Typical)
    6. Heat Press Temp: 240°F to 285°F
    7. Peel: Warm to Cool