Take Heat Transfer to the next level with the addition of IMPACT textile foils. Utilize Results™ IMPACT foils to add the ultimate in bling, style, and fashion to make any logo more attractive with the 13 colors and 9 patterned effects.  Use Results™ iMPACT Foils on T-shirts, Hoodies, Pants, or any apparel to create attention grabbing metallic designs. The brilliance of foil makes any apparel item stand out. You can increase the value and look of your garments tremendously with this simple process.


  • Stand out and grab attention with metallic foil designs
  • Zero Weeding metallic transfer foil
  • Adheres in seconds to all shirts colors

iMPACT Foils can be used in conjunction with the ENVICTA Cut Heat Transfer films, Thermo-Adhesive, DTG white ink, & Screen Print transfer adhesives. Add a custom crinkle effect to ENVICTA Cut by balling up foil and then applying.


    1. Temperature: 300°F Time: 8-10 seconds Pressure: Firm Important -
    2. PEEL COLD If you would like more detailed instructions please call us or refer to our website. This should go with Instructions black table Color pallet 28 colors and Price should go together.