A NEW, Industry technological break-out film! A REVOLUTION IS HERE FOR THE FIGHT AGAINST DYE MIGRATION! Product Advantage * Low gloss matte finish. * Print full colored photo-quality graphics, logos & corporate images. * Proprietary new carbon-charcoal liner * Personalize virtually any fabric, even performance polyesters and cottons. * Extremely flexible, soft hand, fabric blending. * Durable, with color fastness 100%. * Heat Application 240°F –- 275°F. * Required mask: Results® JMASK Product Specifications * Thickness: comfortable 95 microns (.095) * Composition: High grade Polyurethane (PU) * Carrier: Clear, Non-Pressure sensitive. * Ink Gas Out Time: 30 minutes * Wash and Dry Cycles: 200 * Inks: Latex, UV, and most Eco solvent inks. Helpful tip: Use Platinum Print HTV BLOCK® to cover over mistakes from other films. Perfect for printing light colored numbers and letters.


Colors: White
  • Print, Cut, then easily, weed the excess film from the surrounding graphic. Allow ink to gas out for 30 minutes. Apply Results® JMASK over image. Preheat fabric 2 seconds. Peel back printed transfer from film liner & place on fabric. Heat Press pressure 60psi to medium. Heat Press Time: 8-10 seconds. Heat Press Temp: 240°F-275°F. Peel: Warm to Cool. Enjoy!