Print or Cut: Add some sparkle, be unique.

Our NEW ALLURA printable white based film with embedded shiny silver particles. Colors burst out from partial to full color coverage. Print any kind of image, number or letter. ALLURA IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!. Suitable for all fabrics, including performance sportswear, high end fashion and just simple every day apparel decoration. Thin, durable, exceptional stretch and rebound. After application, film and fabric feel like one. Suitable with Eco Solvent, Solvent, UV and hp latex inks.



o Bright white film top-coat for supreme full color burst

o Simple to weed, mask and works with small to large images

o Semi-matte to a medium glossy finish.

o Durable, and extremely flexible on all fabrics.

o Keeps a soft hand, even after 100 wash and wear cycles

o Can be multi-layered with other films

o Roll size. 20” width.


Material Specifications:

o 100% high grade Polyurethane (PU) composite

o Clear carrier backing for accurate surface alignment

o Proprietary ALL-FABRIC adhesive urethane.

o Thickness: 65 microns.

o Low temperature application starting at 240°F, 8-10 seconds

o All weather, multi-purpose for most any occasion.

o Keep stored in normal room temperature


Colors: White
    1. Print, cut, and then weed outward the excess film surrounding the image.
    2. Allow 30 minutes for ink gas out before masking.
    3. Apply all-purpose Results MASK over image.
    4. Pre-heat fabric for 2 seconds.
    5. Peel back printed transfer from liner & then place ink side down on fabric.
    6. Heat Press temperature 240°F - 300°F. Time 8-10 seconds, pressure is Medium.
    7. Lower heat will minimize dye-migration.
    8. Use Cover Sheet: 8-10 seconds, peel warm.