Product Description:

HTV for high performance, active sportswear and high end fashion apparel. Try WIZ KUT™ and see why everyone loves it. A proven champion with many professional teams. Feels great looks great.



  • Simple to cut and remove unwanted pieces with speed like no other.
  • Laser cut or vinyl cutter.
  • Multilayer all colors and with other Results products.
  •  Cut the smallest letters and characters without issues.
  • Semimatte finish.
  • Durable, safe to wear, remains flexible and keeps a soft hand feel.


Material Specifications:

  • A comfortable 85-95 microns thickness.
  • Pressure sensitive light clear adhesive carrier.
  • 100% Polyurethane (PU).
  • Heat apply starting at 285°F in just 8 seconds. Hot Peel
  • Certified 100+ wash and dry cycles. 

Results® WIZ Kut™ Dark Colors

  • 1 Color Application.

    1. Cut in mirror or reverse with 45º degree blade.
    2. Remove unwanted pieces around images.
    3. Heat press 300°F, medium pressure, and 8-10 seconds.
    4. (Heat sensitive fabrics, 275°F. 10 seconds.)
    5. Peel Hot or Cold.


    2 Color Applications.

    1. Tack background 2 seconds, peel hot.
    2. Place next layer on top.
    3. Heat press time, 8 seconds
    4. Peel Hot.