Product Description:

Safety and Illumination value are essential. Especially when it is protecting lives. Setting a benchmark worldwide since 1992.  Our proprietary glass bead construction is incorporated in every product.  Protected by a PET carrier, certified by industry experts. Value and performance unmatched.



  • Waterproof, durable, flexible and fashionable.
  • Available in 26 Colors.
  • Simple to cut with vinyl cutter or laser.
  • Certified NEPA 1972, 2112, FR120AF, EN 471, Class 2, and Okeo- Tex 100 Class 1.
  • Works with most any fabric, especially moisture wicking polyesters.
  • Clear easy tack adhesive liner for simple weeding and cutting.


Material Information:

  • Polyurethane (PU) composition.
  • 145 micron thickness,
  • Wash and wear cycles; 100+



    1. Note: Check First. Peel away plastic that may be protecting film before cutting.
    2. Make TEST CUT with a 45° blade in a MIRROR IMAGE. Pressure is 130gm.
    3. Weed the excess film media away.
    4. Heat Press 305°F, medium pressure (psi 60) is suitable
    5. Pre-heat garment for 2 second to flatten or take out moisture.
    6. Position the film on the garment and heat for 8 seconds.
    7. Wait 3 seconds and peel away carrier sheet. Warm or Cool.
    8. With Kraft Paper or Teflon sheet, place over image and heat press again 3 sec.